Crystal Lake, Iowa

established in 1898

Crystal Lake, Iowa is a small town in north central Iowa established in 1898 that is today a good, solid community with a population of approximately 250.

The Lake

The lake in Crystal Lake was dredged in 2007 providing deeper waters in the lake. Before the dredging, the lake was perhaps 6 feet deep at it’s deepest point. The dredged occurred over a two year period, and was dredged using a tier effect. It was dredged to 22ft on the deepest tier, then going up to 18 feet, 12 feet, and 8 feet respectively. 

Camping & Lodging

Crystal Lake Park is managed by the Hancock County Conservation Board, and has both primitive and modern camping available including 3 cabins and a shelter house available for rent. 


Crystal Lake, Iowa provides an annual event in early July of every year named Bullhead Days. Celebrations, a parade, and many activities are available including a fantastic fireworks show on the 4th of July at the lake.